Recording Connection mentor Matt Stein success story

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One on One: A Formula for Success

Matt Stein is no stranger to success in the recording industry. In 2005, he was nominated for a Grammy award and has overseen Swan7 studio, which he founded and was recently featured in “L Magazine.” In addition to his years of experience in production and mixing, he has also worked with such renowned artists as Method Man & Redman, DMX, Jason Mraz, Blondie, and countless others. Best of all, Matt Stein is a mentor at the Recording Connection, where he can depart his years of experience daily onto his eager externs.

Why does Mr. Stein believe in the Recording Connection’s method of teaching? “The engineer/artist relationship is unique and there’s no better way to learn about that than by watching both in action. There are a number of intangibles that can only be learned by witnessing real sessions in a real studio,” Matt explained.

When a student externs with Mr. Stein, he understands that the educational experience is unique and that “not all students are the same.” By working with a student and their needs, “the one on one format allows the mentor and student to focus on what that student is specifically wanting from the program in addition to the curriculum,” Matt said. With a program that can be tailored to the student’s expectations and interests, the Recording Connection can properly equip the recording engineers of tomorrow with the tools they’ll need for success.

“This is definitely the type of program where you get out what you put in,” Matt stated. Like all industries that challenge their potential hopefuls that dream of success, hard work is always the solution to obtaining your dreams. The Recording Connection is proud to assist our externs with the best mentors and most dedicated support to see a student through to success. As Matt Stein believes, “If you do the work, attend sessions and ask lots of questions, you will be on your way to becoming a music professional.”