Clint Badal

Their Story

Clint Badal is a recent graduate of the Recording Engineering program at the Recording Connection. Clint has stated that his mentor was not only very professional, but also that he really knows his stuff and wants his externs to be as knowledgeable as he is about audio engineering. In their workshops together, Clint’s mentor devoted a lot of time to teaching Clint all about mic set ups as well as attaching gear and equipment. Through his mentor, Clint gained more studio etiquette than he could have imagined otherwise, he also learned how to use compressors and EQs, and greatly improved his recording techniques.

On a personal level, Clint has expressed that he loves working on all kinds of music; he is most passionate about hip-hop but also interested in reggae and even classical tunes.

On a somewhat topical note, Clint says that he would love to someday work to work with Kanye West, and while he admires his imagination and creativity as an artist, he is also a big fan of Kanye’s larger than life theatrical performances on stage.

While at Basshead, Clint worked during many local artist sessions, absorbing the knowledge they had to offer. He also had the opportunity to assist a few DJs and mix tracks. Clint sees himself making records as a working producer and sound engineer for games, artists or post production. Post-externship Clint had the chance to check out Roundabout Post-Production Studios in LA and booked a gig for Livesound at the Gallo Center for Arts in Modesto, CA.

He is now a full time intern at Fantasy Studios in San Francisco, CA.

Way to go, Clint!