Music Industry Job Placement

Get a head start on the competition with real world experience

The most important thing to you, the student, is to jumpstart a career in the music and recording business. The Recording Connection offers unique opportunities to advance job search beyond other audio schools. First of all, many of our graduates land a job in the music or recording industry, many of them before they even graduate.* After all, it stands to reason that our mentor/extern music recording program alternative puts you in front of working professionals, the very people who have jobs to offer. Do traditional audio schools find their students paid work in the music business before or after graduation? Some of the big colleges and universities (charging between $30k-$100k) graduate thousands upon thousands of students every year, and when these students are finished, they enter into the highly competitive music and recording business job market looking for paid employment. These unlucky graduates quickly realize that with no REAL STUDIO EXPERIENCE. They also realize that their diploma has limited value and cannot, WILL NOT get them hired.

Get one-on-one instruction from an industry professional in a real-world recording studio. These are the people making the music being listened to today.

We don’t mean to sound negative, but the truth is the truth, and it must be told. Depending upon what part of the country, think about how hard it is these days to get a regular job at an insurance company, for example, or even at a local bar or club? Well, as you probably already know, it’s about a thousand times more difficult to get a job in the music business or music recording business! Why is this? There are a few reasons: First, the music business is what we call a “marquis job.” That is, it’s a dream job that everyone would love to have. Think about it—where do you think most people today would rather work: in a cubicle or in a recording studio? In a government office, or on a stage? In their boring city or town, or on the road? That said, it probably doesn’t take too big of an imagination to realize that a career in the music business is a career that millions of people are trying to get. What that means is that YOU ARE COMPETING WITH MORE PEOPLE FOR FEWER MUSIC and AUDIO BUSINESS JOBS. More people, because it is a dream job; fewer jobs, because once someone lands one, he/she almost never gives it up. Second, the music business does NOT, we repeat, DOES NOT, work like the rest of the job market. That is, when a position in the music business becomes available, employers do not hire from outside the network(WITHOUT); they ALMOST ALWAYS hire from WITHIN. Music business and Audio employers do not usually put an ad in the local paper or on Craigslist. Instead, they ask their friends and colleagues in the business (other recording engineers) if they know of any hard working, qualified candidates, or they post a job opening on their company’s bulletin board. If you were to talk to 10 professional audio engineers and ask them if they have ever hired an assistant from a traditional audio school or from an ad in the paper, all of them will most likely tell you the same thing: “NO, I almost never ever hire from the big schools or ads, I only hire people that I know and trust, or people that come recommended from other music and audio professionals.”

Meet Our Mentors

Our mentors have worked with the biggest names in the industry, won the biggest awards, and worked on platinum-selling albums. And now you get to work with them.

Andy Shoemaker, Rax Trax Recording

John Davis

1988 Entertainment

Southern Eagle Music Group

Writer’s Room Recording Studio

Madison Records / The Oates Music

So it begs the question: if all the jobs in the music business are awarded to people that music employers already know, how do you get to know the music professionals doing the hiring? ANSWER: YOU MUST GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR OF A REAL STUDIO and PROVE YOURSELF as a hard working and qualified candidate. But wait a minute—you’re probably saying, “I’m not qualified yet—I have little or no studio experience!!” Of course, you’re right on the money. How do you get trained, get in the door, and get the opportunity to prove yourself? You certainly don’t achieve this by signing up for an audio school that is charging $60,000 or more for you to sit in a classroom. This is where the Recording Connection audio school alternative comes in: we PLACE YOU IN A REAL STUDIO TO BE TRAINED BY A REAL MUSIC INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL. Your classroom is the recording studio, and your teacher is the same guy or gal that may one day hire you. Make sense?

NO, we do not guarantee jobs—no one can guarantee you a job—but think about it and ask yourself, “With what program am I more likely to get hired in the real world? With a program that puts me in a real, professionally run, working studio, or in a college classroom on a college campus?” The Recording Connection is a specialized program that gives you the opportunity to be trained by working professionals. It is the only program that also introduces you to people in the music industry who might just need, or know someone who needs, an assistant in the future.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.