Graduate with us TO Unlock the PHONE numbers and get a warm INTRO TO THE PROS

The following partners and advocates could be available to you if you graduate and do all your homework, we love connecting are grads, once you graduate, we can turn you on to people, send your work over to them, give you a warm introduction.

Please note: We are not saying all of folks are a perfect match for you, we are saying if you graduate with us in good standing and you have a project right for any of these people or places, we have the contacts into them and we will get your work in front of them, we do it all the time. We are serious about our name, the Recording Connetion and we will connect you to the PROS.

Become an RC student, and watch the CONTACT LIST in your phone, grow!

build your real industry contacts when you graduate

Graduate with us and unlock the numbers and get a warm introduction to...


Yes, we have over 4000 positive reviews. Our students value the impact our programs have on their future. You learn from the best.

We know what your instinct is telling you, in the music business it is not just who you know, but WHO KNOWS YOU.

The more connections you have in music, the more you will work, the more you will work, the more you will make, the more you make the more freedom you will have.

Most schools make a ton of promises and give you very few connections. Recording Connection not only gives you a world class education in the very best a setting (a real recording studio and and with a PRO MUSIC PRODUCER), we also give you connections.

Endorsed by the best

Hear how Recording Connection is different from the professionals around the globe.

Steve Catizone

Studio Owner, Music Producer for Black Eyed Peas, Alanis Morrissette, Aerosmith, Wyclef Jean, U2, Big Sean

“The hands-on approach in-studio audio engineer and music production training that is the basis of the Recording Connection program is definitely the best way to learn. I wish it was around when I first started! Learning directly from experienced engineer/Producers is really the best way to gain not only technical knowledge but insight into the recording industry as well. It is also great for students to see the day-to-day operation of a modern recording studio and all that this business entails. The technical skills a student can learn in Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton thru The Recording Connection are cutting edge. We end up hiring students regularly once they graduate.”

Mark Christensen

Studio Owner, Mix, Audio Engineer, Producer: Tre Songz, 50 Cent, Madonna, Asap Rocky, Nicki Minaj, The Killers, John Legend, LeBron James

“The combination of one-on one-instruction and the opportunity to learn inside of a working commercial recording studio makes this the best audio education option out there!”

Ricky Rich

Studio Owner, Music Producer: Travis Scott, Diplo, Drake, Justin Bieber, Little Wayne, DJ Khalid, Black Panther Soundtrack

“I only learned from theorists, so all of my teachers had theory but none of them actually worked in this music business. When Recording Connection reached out to me, I thought it was a great solution and a great option because I wish I would have found something like this when I was a student; because of the one on one, the price, and to actually be in a real world environment, learning, seeing and watching how everything works is a much better choice than going somewhere learning from someone who just knows book knowledge or theory. It is all about connections and the Recording Connection is my top choice and the best school out there.”

Patrick Heaney

Audio Engineer, Music Producer: Snoop Dogg, Green Day, Interpol, Skrillex, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Cage the Elephant

“Helping students take their ideas and make it come to life is mind blowing. This isn’t an online course. This is where you write, track, mix and master albums. This is where you put your name out into the world. This is where you expand your brand. This is where you find business partners. This is where you collaborate and make records. The Recording Connection is it.”

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